LIFESPOT App, FASTER Colorado, and Bullets Both Ways

December 3rd, 2021

I got to attend the seminar four FASTER Colorado and Bullets Both Ways at Sanctuary and learned about how to make our schools safer, protect our children, and train teachers and administrators to be more effective in times of crisis.
I met the parents of Kendrick Castillo, John and Maria, who shared their story of Kendrick. Of his selfless heroic acts of immediately jumping into action to stop an active shooter at the STEM school in Highlands Ranch.
Lauren Boebert for Congress made a surprise appearance!
I got to learn about a new app called LIFESPOT which helps School Administration and law enforcement in communication to work together more efficiently in case of an active shooter situation.
I learned so much… I am 100% in support of these great organizations, and you should be too!
We should be protecting our children like we protect our money. THEY are our greatest asset…