“I grew up in rural, conservative Northern California and moved to Colorado in 1999. Since I moved here, I have seen Colorado change dramatically, and not for the better.  This is what drove me to get involved and run for Congress.

I am a single mom of two amazing kids and have been a successful small business owner, mentor, and educator the past sixteen years. As an award-winning photographer, I have worked hard to connect with my clients to capture the happiest moments of their lives.  In addition, I get to mentor and teach the trade to upcoming entrepreneurs.

After the 2020 election, I realized that sitting back and complaining wasn’t doing any good. Representatives in Washington need someone who understands the unique dynamics of Colorado!

The most important things to me are Family,  Integrity,  and Freedom.  We must defend the Constitution, enforce accountability in government, and make sure our schools are teaching education fundamentals and not Marxist indoctrination.

I know it’s not going to be easy, but I am ready to fight!”


  • Business owner, mentor, and educator since 2006 – published and award-winning
  • Production Manager and Producer
  • Licensed Cosmetologist
  • Vice Chair, House District 56
  • Vice Chair, Senate District 25
  • Leadership Council, NFIB
  • Leadership Team, No Left Turn in Education Colorado
  • Graduate, Advanced Candidate Training by America First Republicans