Our country is falling apart and the Government is failing Americans.  Every day is a new crisis and the destruction of America is happening right before our eyes.  I can relate to the frustrations and uncertainty facing families, businesses, and communities in our State.  I am sick and tired of Americans being treated as second-class citizens.  Our Government works for WE THE PEOPLE!  It would seem as though they have forgotten this and need to be reminded.

The majority of people in Colorado are good people who just want someone to not back down – someone not afraid to stand up for them and be their voice – someone not afraid to hold our government accountable!

Below are the key policies I will fight to implement for the people of Colorado.


The blatant indoctrination taking place in our schools is frightening. I have seen the effects of this Marxist training in my own children. Schools should be a safe and protected place for our children to focus on academics, not turned into activists for the Left.  We parents do not co-parent with the Government!

  • School choice
  • Parental choice on masks and vaccines
  • Appropriate sex education and curriculum integration
  • Fact-based academics not social emotional learning


Small businesses are the backbone of our communities.   We have all felt the negative consequences to businesses and the economy with out-of-control government over reach.

A rise in regulation and taxes or “fees”, a lack of employees, and unconstitutional mandates are choking the life out of independent businesses. We need leaders in the General Assembly and Congress to fight for all businesses!


Violent crime is out of control in our communities and our elected officials don’t seem to care or want to do anything about it!  Ridiculous movements such as “defund the police” and weak policies that protect offenders are creating a dangerous situation for the people of Colorado.

I want our neighborhoods to be a safe place to raise our children.  We have the right to protect and defend our communities and that right shall not be infringed.

I believe in building positive relationships with our law enforcement so they have the resources and support to do their jobs effectively.  Proactive policing lowers crime and laws passed in the last few years have put our way of life at risk.


We are being invaded and our open Southern border is a national security threat!  People are flooding in at an alarming rate and our DHS is nowhere to be found.  Immigrants are not being vetted and are being released into our country to the location of their choosing.  This has to stop immediately!

I believe in supporting legal immigration, but this crisis is a humanitarian nightmare.  The amount of human trafficking and drugs pouring into our country is absolutely overwhelming.  Security is under-staffed and there is no emphasis on importance or a sense of urgency from the current administration.  In fact, their policies are encouraging it!


Middle class families in Colorado are fighting excessive taxes, “fees” which circumvent TABOR,  and regulations that put the American Dream out of reach for many.

America is the Land of Opportunity and we need to re-create an economy where Coloradans can get back to work and flourish in progress and prosperity.

Out of control inflation is choking the life out of Colorado families at the grocery store, at the gas pump, and beyond.  Enough is enough!


The brave and dedicated men & women who fight for our country at home and abroad deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and ultimate gratitude. Their sacrifice does not end with their service, and their dedication affects everyone around them.

As the sister, daughter, grand-daughter, and friend of servicemen, I have seen the effects of deployment when the tour is over. I have seen how families are changed forever. I know that they need support from everyone around them and should have the absolute best resources and care money can buy. I stand with our Veterans & law enforcement and appreciate their service.


The United States depends heavily on the energy generated by the oil and gas industry.  Colorado has abundant fossil fuel reserves and renewable energy resources, however the current administration is doing all it can to end the production of it.

About 90% of Colorado’s crude oil production comes from Weld County but massive regulatory changes, a new set of regulations, and a reduction in consumer use due to shutdowns, have slowed production.  Fewer working rigs mean fewer jobs, less tax revenue being directed to our communities, and higher gas prices.  We must not let regulatory agencies shut down production and we must allow permits for new wells.  We can encourage responsible oil and gas development to occur.

I also believe that an education campaign is needed to help people understand oil and gas and its benefits.


Weld County and a large portion of the 8th Congressional district leads Colorado in agriculture.  We must restore rural America by putting an emphasis on helping our farmers and ranchers. 

Farmers and ranchers need a tax code that provides certainty and recognizes their unique financial challenges as they work to provide a secure food supply for our nation.

Eliminating estate and capital gains taxes will help provide stability and security for America’s farms and ranches.


“…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
As an NRA Member, a concealed carry permit holder, and strong advocate for protecting my family and myself, I support the Second Amendment as I do with the rest of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. In my congressional office, I will not support gun control as it goes against the Constitution.


In the Halls of Congress, I will always ask myself two things before supporting any bill.  1. Is it supported by the Constitution or not?  2. Does it put the best interests of Americans first?

The Government’s number one job is to protect it’s citizens.  This is not the case with the current administration, especially when they are engaging human trafficking themselves.  We MUST get back to protecting our country from invasion at the border, through the internet via cyber attacks, and harden our grid to prepare for an EMP attack.


Americans need to have faith that every legal vote is counted and counted correctly.  There have been too many instances of fraud from the 2020 election that cannot be ignored.  We must know what took place in 2020 so that we can be prepared for elections in the future and know what needs to be done to ensure that our elections are transparent, secure, and accurate.

I do believe we need to vote against a federal take-over of our elections, and we must have boots on the ground at every level and turn to keep a close eye on every step.  We must make it easier to vote and harder to cheat!

  • Get rid of the tabulation machines.
  • Clean up the voter rolls
  • We must insist on voter ID & signature verification
  • Mail in ballots need to end (except for absentee or special circumstances)
  • In person, same day voting with paper ballots
  • Election Day should be a Federal holiday


I believe in Freedom Over Force.  I do not agree that government can tell Americans that they must inject something into their bodies, or be forced to wear a face covering, “for the greater good”.

This is the Land of the Free and imposing restrictions on people for their own personal health decisions is not what America is all about.  Our founding fathers and colonists came here to escape tyrannical persecution and as a Congressman, I will not allow such dictatorship-like policies try to control the American people!


  • Freedom over force
  • Back the Blue and support our Veterans
  • America First
  • Term Limits and Accountability
  • Defend the Constitution & Bill of Rights
  • The Land of Opportunity and The American Dream
  • Mental Health support and Medical Freedom
  • Parental and School Choice
  • Protecting our borders
  • Energy independence
  • Secure and transparent elections
  • All lives matter including the unborn
  • Helping farmers and ranchers
  • Support small business and a simplified tax plan

I support the Colorado GOP’s “Commitment to Colorado” – read more here:


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